2014-06-18 Lane / Vereinigte Staaten

Ort:  Lane / South Dakota Vereinigte Staaten
Datum: 18.06.2014
Zeitpunkt: 12:00 Uhr ± 12 h
Landnutzung: Land
Intensität: EF4
Art: Tornado

Large multiple-vortex tornado. Near Lane, a barn and some trees were damaged. The tornado reached EF2 strength as it continued north, blowing an area of gravel off of a road and snapping hardwood trees. South of Alpena, the tornado reached EF4 intensity, completely destroying a farmstead. Several outbuildings on the property were destroyed, trees were completely denuded and debarked, and the farmhouse was swept away with only the basement remaining. Farm equipment was tossed and damaged, and a nearby corn field was scoured to bare soil. Additional corn fields were heavily scoured west of Alpena before the tornado dissipated.

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