2016-03-13 Dermott / United States

City: Dermott / Arkansas United States
Date: 13.03.2016
Time: 20:15 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF1
Type: Tornado

The tornado started on the southwest side of Dermott, where it snapped or uprooted some trees, downed six power poles, and laid down a fence. A few homes also had minor roof damage with shingles blown off. The tornado crossed U.S. Highway 165 and entered an open field before directly hitting the South Delta Correctional Facility, where quite a bit of damage occurred. Several sections of the outer fence were torn down, five buildings in the complex sustained roof damage, with sheet paper and shingles were removed, and a metal gym building had a large section of the wall removed. The main building of the complex had about half of the roof was lifted up or had parts removed, and large portions of the foam insulation and sections of a thin roof covering were pulled out. A couple guard towers had windows blown out, and one employee was injured trying to exit the tower. The tornado continued into a wooded area, snapping trees and a metal carport was thrown and damaged. Many more trees were damaged as the tornado moved into a large wooded area and crossed into Desha County. In Desha County, a home sustained minor roof damage and a wood frame shed were damaged near Arkansas Highway 159. A few power lines were also downed and more trees were damaged before the tornado lifted. The tornado likely continued a little farther but the area was not accessible due to flooding.

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