2016-03-30 Dermott / United States

City: Dermott / Arkansas United States
Date: 30.03.2016
Time: 23:15 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF1
Type: Tornado

The tornado began on the west side of Dermott, where much of the roof was removed from a home, a carport was blown away, an outbuilding was damaged, and a pontoon boat was blown several yards. The tornado continued through the center of Dermott, downing trees and breaking a couple utility poles. Minor roof damage occurred to a senior care facility, an abandoned trailer was damaged, and a fence was blown down as well. On the east side of town, a light pole was broken and a small billboard was blown over. Further along the path, construction cones were blown away and a farm equipment shed was destroyed, where heavy foundation blocks and trailers were moved and debris was scattered over half a mile before the tornado dissipated. The entire path of this tornado was within one mile of the path of the March 13th tornado that struck Dermott.

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