2016-04-07 Bellville / United States

City: Bellville / Georgia (US) United States
Date: 07.04.2016
Time: 02:40 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

Two single wide mobile homes were destroyed. A single family residence was damaged, with a portion of the exterior brick wall collapsed, large sections of the roof removed, and debris blown 100-200 yards from the structure. A double-wide mobile home had some sections of walls and roof removed, and it was blown off its foundation by a couple feet. An another double-wide mobile home was completely obliterated with debris blown across the road about 50 yards or more into a tree line. A house was damaged, with a small portion of the roof removed. The residents stated that the roof had separated from the walls, but set down again in a slightly different location.

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