2014-04-25 Chocowinity / Vereinigte Staaten

Ort:  Chocowinity / North Carolina Vereinigte Staaten
Datum: 25.04.2014
Zeitpunkt: 19:35 Uhr ± 1 min
Landnutzung: Land
Intensität: EF3
Art: Tornado

Strong tornado that touched down west of Chocowinity, initially producing EF0-strength damage to outbuildings and mobile homes. It strengthened quickly and produced EF2 to moderate EF3 damage to many site-built homes and mobile homes, as well as numerous businesses. Several of the mobile homes were completely destroyed. For the last 10 miles (16 km), the tornado weakened back to EF0–EF1 range, producing minor damage across sparsely populated farmland. In all, 150 to 200 homes sustained extensive damage, with many of those being completely destroyed. Hundreds of trees were downed along the path as well. The fatality was an eleven-month-old baby.

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