2016-03-15 Trivoli / United States

City: Trivoli / Illinois United States
Date: 15.03.2016
Time: 18:42 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

Garage and home roofs were damaged, a car was picked up and thrown 50 yards into a field, a pickup truck was damaged and several trees were snapped. As the tornado approached, Trivoli Road it developed multiple vortexes and then widened to about 1/4 mile across. Several outbuildings and grain bins were destroyed, house roofs were damaged and numerous trees were uprooted. Near Texas Road & Cottonwood Road, the roof of a church was severely damaged and several trees were snapped. As the tornado continued tracking to the northeast, additional trees and outbuildings were damaged. The worst damage occurred to a home on Southport Road (Route 8) between Cut-off Road and Kramm Road, where the roof was completely torn off of the house. Many outbuildings were damaged, and a tree was ripped out of the ground and thrown for a considerable distance. The tornado dissipated about 1 mile to the east-northeast, near Kickapoo Creek, which is about 3 miles southwest of the town of Kickapoo.

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