2016-05-10 Mayfield / United States

City: Mayfield / Kentucky United States
Date: 10.05.2016
Time: 14:44 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF3
Type: Tornado

Multiple-vortex tornado first caused minor tree, power line, and outbuilding damage before reaching EF3 strength further to the east as a pickup truck was lofted and thrown over 150 yards (140 m). The tornado destroyed a warehouse before clipping the north edge of Mayfield, where numerous homes, mobile homes, businesses, garages, and outbuildings were destroyed. Several dozen cars were damaged or destroyed as well, a few of which were lofted onto structures. Further east, the roof was torn off a home, a second home had significant roof and exterior wall loss, and other homes sustained minor damage. Near Benton, a mobile home was overturned, and a frame home sustained minor shingle damage before the tornado dissipated. Thousands of trees and several power lines were downed along the path, and ten people were injured.

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