2017-03-31 Chespeake / United States

City: Chespeake / Virginia United States
Date: 31.03.2017
Time: 18:10 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

A strong tornado moved through densely-populated areas of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, causing significant damage. Numerous homes were damaged along the path, some of which had large sections of roofs and exterior walls ripped off. A mobile home used as a work building was swept away and destroyed, and a metal industrial building was heavily damaged. A large church was partially destroyed, and many large trees were snapped and uprooted, some of which landed on structures and vehicles. The club house and press box were destroyed at the Landstown High School ball field, and several sets of bleachers were thrown over 200 yards away.

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