2017-04-30 Pickens / United States

City: Pickens / Mississippi United States
Date: 30.04.2017
Time: 09:16 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

This very large wedge tornado was well over a mile wide at times. Thousands of trees were snapped or uprooted, and hundreds of power poles and power lines were downed. Multiple frame homes lost large portions of their roofs, and several other homes sustained less severe damage. Four mobile homes were destroyed, including one well-anchored mobile home that was thrown 300 yards and obliterated. A few outbuildings were also damaged or destroyed. The tornado struck Durant directly before dissipating, where many trees were downed and numerous structures had roofing and siding ripped off. A few abandoned brick buildings in the downtown area were largely destroyed.

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