2016-02-24 Gap / United States

City: Gap / Pennsylvania United States
Date: 24.02.2016
Time: 18:38 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

Approximately 50 structures were impacted, including numerous farm outbuildings and barns and two two-story homes losing the majority of their roofs, other homes, farm buildings, and sheds sustaining lesser degrees of roof and siding damage, a wooden barn and a large one-room Amish schoolhouse being destroyed, and a large building with more than 100 people attending an auction inside having its roof ripped off. Additionally, a van with several passengers was blown about 10 feet (3.0 m) into a field, several large granite tombstones in a cemetery were blown over, and numerous trees were downed.

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