2016-03-31 Hartselle / United States

City: Hartselle / Alabama United States
Date: 31.03.2016
Time: 20:57 +/- 1 min
Land use: Land
Intensity: EF2
Type: Tornado

Several mobile homes were impacted near Hartselle, with one being rolled 45 to 50 yards (41 to 46 m) and mostly destroyed and a second one being shifted about 10 feet (3.0 m) off its foundation. A carport and farm equipment were partially destroyed, and a small car was lifted and had its front bumper torn off. To the northeast, a couple houses suffered minor roof and siding damage, a few more homes sustained minor structural damage, and several headstones were either pushed over or broken at a cemetery. Further along, multiple sheds were destroyed, shingles were torn off two homes, and a double-wide mobile home was pushed off its piers and sustained roof damage. Many trees were downed along the path, with some falling on a few homes.

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